The Municipality of Moena, to make the city center livable and ensure its pedestrianization, has decided to establish an international tender for the construction of a parking lot with adjacent new bridge on the outskirts of the town. The goal is the creation of a new infrastructure model: a lively and recognizable place that is perceived as an extension of the city center. Sustainable from the point of view of energy consumption to become an example, a strategic hub of urban mobility and beyond, able to facilitate the interchange between moving by car and moving on foot and by bicycle. The connecting element is the cycle path, a thread with a strong identity, that taking advantage of the new parking structure, allows continuity to the bike path that winds through the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa.

Municipality of  Moena

Scope of work
International Tender

Project team
RECS Architects – Pier Maria Giordani, Mario Scaffardi, Samuele Camolese, Antonella Marzi + ARUP Italia  (Arch. Stefano Recalcati, Ing. Angelo Mussi, Ing. Enrico Zara) + Arch. Gualtiero Misseri + Arch. Stefano Ivaldi

Moena, Italy