The 73 square meter space of this two bedroom apartment reflects the lifestyle of a young court judge.  The living, home theater and dining room accomodate art and design works. The fendi color punctuated by the soft presence of the black color are the tones that predominate in the sober environment that is heated by the use of warm colors marked by the red in the One Chair and by the golden in the great screen located above the sofa. The green of the plants has been placed in several special corners of the living room with the aim of providing a more pleasant place for the people who are there.

The open layout favors social living, maintaining the living and the kitchen visually conected. The integration between spaces allows generous amounts of natural light to permeate the entire environment.

In the hall, the proposed panel is also a camouflaged cabinet that gains a niche with LED lighting for enhancement and impact of the main entrance.

Teixeira’s Residence

Scope of work
Interior Design

Project team
RECS Brazil – Flavia Miranda, Maycon Altera, Janaína Massote

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

2017 – 2018