Recs Foundation


The Recs Foundation is a no-profit organization, born in 2019 from the
intentions of Mr. Pier Maria Giordani, its future President. Recs takes
company and social responsibility very seriously, as a vital principle;
we aim to act supporting and promoting both national and international
projects enhancing and elevating human quality of life within our
society. Therefore, this Foundation focuses its activities on supporting
and helping those persons experiencing difficult situations, improving
the overall environment and facing several social issues. The activities
of the Foundation focus on specific issues or problems reflecting our
professional experience.

Mission e Vision

Our mission is to provide help and support to those most in need of it,
creating opportunities for tomorrow and protecting our planet in order
to make our dream of a better world a reality. Supporting such a mission
is our commitment; social responsibility reflects our values and is one of
our cornerstone priorities.