Our values are the ideals we believe in and the base of our philosophy.

Passion, Responsibility, Innovation, Knowledge, Integrity, Courage


We are passionate about our sector, our work and our society.
Passion helps us grow day by day; it is the force allowing us to go
foward day by day, it is the main engine behind Recs Architects, shaping
its activities and allowing us to interact with the reference market using
a significant degree of enthusiasm.


We take full responsibility for all our actions and behaviours, concerning
company management and both its internal and external relationships.


The constant innovation we pour in the projects and the entrepreneurial
solutions we implement arises from careful and constant research
We constantly apply our know-how in order to draft projects improving
human life and living first and foremost, strongly supporting the value
of innovation and progress, investing in research and development daily.


Recs Architects is proud to build and share experience, in order to create
success for society as a whole. Our passion for the constant growth of
knowledge allows us to take an innovative and extremely competent
stance in everything we project and implement.


Integrity is a cornerstone of our professionalism and of our philosophy.
Our reputation arises from honest and transparent actions.


Recs Architects constantly questions old solutions, as we love to tackle
new challenges with courage and determination. We firmly believe in
the value and in the contribution each and every staff member and
associate of ours can bring to the fore.
Making the most of the initiative and resourcefulness of everyone
involved, we succeed in providing added value to all our projects, fully
satisfying the expectations of everyone around us.