It is a minor operation in Parma for two friends who have decided to invest in the historic family business. The work aims to return the warm and reassuring atmosphere that must accompany a product like chocolate. Striped wallpaper on the walls, large wooden beams on the ceiling, actually in EPS, and a counter that occupies the entire width of the store are the elements that characterize the construction. The attention to detail is visible in the working of the bar and the back wall, all hand made, as well as the product tags. Particular attention was paid to the system of access to the same counter, which allows the exit of the worker, built so that the opening is completely invisible when closed. The steel stools are, too, built on design.

F.lli Banchini

Scope of work
Design and construction supervision

Parma, Italia

Project Team
Pier Maria Giordani, Matilde Manara


Laura Conti