The apartment is located in a sixteenth-century condominium with a consolidated distribution type, which, although present in the inevitable dividing corridor, is interesting for the presence of two facing terraces that allow expansion of the space between them. The living area has been realized with a day kitchen identified by its own specific space, delimited by two sects that define the area. A large counter with bar function completes the composition of this area. The two existing square pillars, with carrier function, have been transformed into larger cylindrical columns, calibrated over the surrounding space and underlined by the particular design of the false ceiling which highlights the structural role with a precious shadow play. Columns and sects contribute to creating a space that was strongly built. Particularly interesting is the solution adopted for entry. Part of the old corridor and all the hallway of the sleeping area have been replaced by an octagonal environment that, like an ancient atrium, distributes the different environments of the house. Geometric shape, plasterboard design, flooring and different height compared to all other compartments contribute to accentuating the particularity of the entrance, creating an unprecedented diversity when crossing its threshold. The bathroom is made of custom-made furniture, shiny lacquers to conceal the necessary appliances. The colors and materials are in neutral tones, the floor is made of oak wood. Particular attention was paid to general lighting with wallwasher effects to illuminate the walls of functional areas and shapes for sculptures and paintings.


Scopeof work
Scheme design & construction phase

Project team
RECS Italy – Pier Maria Giordani

Carlotta Caggiati, Viviana Zucchi

Felino, Italy


Status: Built