In the land of “D.o.p.”salami  an old friend asked us to think about a new concept for his restaurant. As often happens recently, the project could count on a minimal budget. It was decided to bet everything on a single element that could serve as a common thread in the organized space, a system of wood beams of stacked and attached to the ceiling, as one pick-up sticks landscape that unfolds in every room of the restaurant. The concept revolves around the link to nature and sustainability, combined with the character derived from the culture for one’s land and local products, so important in this case. Trees inside, logs on the walls, wooden stools, eco-friendly wallpaper, ash plank countertops, solid wooden tables and chairs are some of the elements that define the character of the interior space. Neutral colors and simple furniture contribute to make the environment warm and cosy, just as it was in the owner’s idea.

Marcello Gerboni

Scope of work
Design and construction management

Project Team
Pier Maria Giordani

Carlotta Caggiati

Felino, Parma-Italy