The lines that make up the design of this residence have the DNA connected with the personality of the clients. The collection of the family and the use of complementary colors give identity to the project and tell, through the environment, the history of this family that values its roots, union and joy.

The canapé, inherited from the maternal grandmother, stands positioned near the main entrance. Panels surround the entire environment and customize the integration of space with a unique language, giving fluidity and unity. The lighting highlights the work of the lacquered panels and the volumetric wall coated with a travertine marble weave, which is sequenced with brass cut mirror panel, perfectly matching the furniture and the design solution. The kitchen opens to the social area through retractable doors, it has cabinets with metallic paint and refletente glass. Straight lines and imperceptible handles are incorporated into the design, as well as smart details and accessories that determine its functionality and personality.

Ecoquartz was the material chosen for the kitchen countertops and barbecue wall, and harmonize perfectly with the integration proposed in the house: technology, simplicity and sophistication.

Tilly Trotta’s Family

Scope of work
Project and work direction

Project team
RECS Brazil – Flavia Miranda, Maycon Altera, Janaína Massote

Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil


Status: Built