The design was thought for an independent 80-year-old lady, who values the essentials. The ambience, once a standard three-bedroom apartment, has been transformed into a 70-square-meter studio, where the master suite has been preserved and completely adapted to the Universal Design.

The social space was valued for the social living of a family that is Always together. The Art Déco works and the Bombê Luís XV dresser, from the personal collection of the client, were incorporated into the ambiance, which balances the mix with furniture and straight lines architecture. The use of gloss lacquer and bronze mirror panels give the room a sense of spaciousness, while the neutral colors and rounded shapes of the seats define the cozy and sophisticated atmosphere of the room.

Reis’ Family

Scope of work
Project and work direction

Project team
RECS Brazil – Flavia Miranda, Maycon Altera, Janaína Massote

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais – Brazil


Status: Built