The project of Piazza Risorgimento, the first experimentation of a format that can be exported all over the world has its end is twofold: on the one hand tell a new way of living and build the urban space, on the other to promote the project of a new Smart city. The square as a new way of living the city manifests itself in the specificity of the places where it has been divided: the area of the first, second and third. These places are defined as spaces of socialization, social inclusion and integration, in which citizens can enjoy, work, relax, learn and experiment.

The area of early age is characterized by the playful elements, in the area there is a seat that offers the possibility to parents or whoever is able to connect wi fi, recharge the cellphone to play multimedia files using a USB port etc ….

The area of the second age is marked by the presence of so-called public outdoor rooms, the most important theoretical elements of the prototype city in social housing that the square promotes. These spaces are the mediating places between private and public space and are in fact the first places that can be encountered outside the threshold of their own home. Small spaces where the citizen stands in a “home” dimension where he can converse with his neighbor or meet new people, and versatile to relax or work, read or write, talk or think.

Finally, the space of the old age was conceived instead as an “active” place where older people can feel involved and participate at the same time rest, play or converse. The bowling alley is considered a great resource and as such should be accessible to all. Two sides are provided on the sides of the same: the first one used as a garden and the second one with tables and chairs. The urban garden can be divided into several areas, such as herbs, vegetables and fruits; These areas can be useful for educational paths, interesting for all ages.

It is important to emphasize that the three areas are not independent sectors, but that the closeness between them is also a reason for integration between different ages, thus becoming a formidable added value.

Planet Idea – The Smart City

Scope of work
Architectural project and construction supervision

Project team
RECS Architects – Pier Maria Giordani, Samuele Camolese

Torino, Italy