In this rooftop, the social and leisure space are integrated and value the city view.

The living and dining room are laid out with subtle separation through colorless tempered glass panel.

The lacquer coating of the furniture intercalates luster and natural textures. Straight lines and clean architecture synthesize the contemporary proposal in this top house of 250 square metres. The predominant use of light and neutral colors with rectilinear design make the space lighter.

In the outdoor spaces, Brazilian wood veneers guarantee the warm atmosphere. Freijó and Itaúba contrast with the concrete flooring. In this environment, the architects chose gourmet cuisine as the center of attention and meeting point, as in the old regional customs. The proposal also features blue details in the gourmet kitchen and swimming pool, aiming to enhance the idea of relaxation.

Luciano’s Family

Scope of work
Project and work direction

Project team
RECS Brazil – Flavia Miranda, Maycon Altera, Janaína Massote

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais – Brazil

2017 -2018

Status: Built