This project concerns a renovation of a typical single-family house of the Sixties, located
on the urban stretch of the Via Emilia, inside Sant’Ilario d’Enza, the last extremity of Reggio Emilia towards Parma.The restoration involved the raising of the building of a floor and the replacement of the construction system in masonry with the trilithic one, beams and pillars, in reinforced concrete.

Also in this project the idea has defined the form. The primary objective was to emphasize the relationship with the south-east side that offered the best perception with the surroundings but above all a direct view and protected by the Roman consular road.


Scope of work
Project and work direction

Project team
Recs Italy – Pier Maria Giordani

Francesco Pavesi, Carlotta Caggiati

Sant’Ilario d’Enza, Reggio Emilia, Italy


Status: Built