ReCS Architects presents its project for the STU PASUBIO area in Parma, an international architecture competition. The project presented goes beyond that of a mere interior design project. The ReCS proposal takes care of the construction of a new part of the city. They chose to demolish the building north of the complex and replace it with a new court building, of the same size.

In this way the type of court becomes a common archetype to the new part of the city, completing the entire program of the area. The court’s open space is a civic outdoor space, the main entrance to the Land Regeneration Laboratory, a meeting place for “do” and “think”, but also temporary exhibitions en plein air and event promotion A meeting place for the city and its inhabitants.


Scope of Work
Concept Design

Parma, Italy

Project Team
ReCS Architects, Pier Maria Giordani

Lorenzo Mazzi