We wanted to build an urban space within a private place able to turn into a public space during nationwide events. Our concept of urban space relies on an area where the elements making up a “place” are able to seamlessly integrate between themselves, creating an environment fit to collective life.

The Campus is a full-fledged part of this city, having all the main elements of the city in itself  By the same token, this project represents the Corporate Identity Adnoc espouses, where its origins and its recent past gain value in their being fundamental steps in the future growth of this company.

We wanted to build a virtual time line through our buildings in the Campus: the Rig symbolizes our origins, the old HQ represents our recent past and our new skyscraper is an image of the present.

Our project, following a single theme and a single “gesture” will represent these two ideas. As always, architecture will be used in order to make the rational thought of the designers a reality.

The expected outcome of our project will be the Corporate Campus for Adnoc, i.e. the future of the company.

The Campus will be a place fit for each and every use its employees, visitors and users may think about, from nationwide events to daily break business.

The Campus will be technologically advanced and interactive, being able to be sparkling and formal at the same time, good for both celebration and discretion, for both public and private events. More than anything else, however, it will be a space featuring a strong sense of community, especially considering the company and the country it represents.

Our project revolves around the creation of the three main elements defining urban spaces: a square, an arcade and a gallery. These elements will have a hand in making this space flexible year-round, allowing the creation of all those kinds of spaces needed to social life and interaction, having humanity as its focus. Adnoc does not intend to create a garden within its perimeter, neither we want to build a simple event space and neither we have a museum as our goal. Adnoc will create a more complex space instead, something more complex, integrated with the existing elements and able to be recognized as a social space by everyone. Something akin to a city, both modern and ready for the challenge of the future.

Adnoc Abu Dhabi

Scopeof work

Project team
RECS Architects – Pier Maria Giordani, Marija Milenkoska, Faris Khan, Sara Issa, Lorenzo Mazzi, Massiliano Kufhal

Abu Dhabi, Uae