Located in one of the main streets of the city’s financial center, the Dom Luis tower has the opportunity to surprise and innovate the surrounding cityscape.

In a fabric so rich in rigid and square towers  the building stands out for its organic form that creates soft and harmonious volumes in stark contrast with the existing architecture.

The intention to create a complex and dynamic tower is spelled out by the changes in the facade where they different materials and shapes are used, all harmonized in a continuous flow of energy. Wood, glass, plaster create a balanced mix of materials and colors.

In particular, the use of glass for balustrades and large windows, also double height, create mirrors and transparencies that further lighten and enliven the building.

The presence of commercial functions on the lower floors of the building opens up the tower to the city even more, facilitating the social and architectural integration.

Construtora Colmeia

Scope of work
Feasibility study

Fortaleza, Brasile


Project Team
ReCS Brasil – Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri