The project aims to represent Brazil as the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world due to two factors. First, due to the great extent of its green area that constitutes the Tropical Forest and second, because it has one of the most important fresh water reserves on the planet.
The idea is to represent what is reported in the thesis with only three elements of great emotional impact and surprising scenographic effect: water, vegetation and man. Through the composition of a space that is built around these elements, we represent Brazil, its present, its actions and the future that the nation wants to build, without the need for an interpretive code: all visitors to the pavilion will immediately understand the spirit and the essence of space.
A water cube, an element without which no form of animal and plant life is possible, with a tree in the center that signifies another great Brazilian heritage and also a possible source of livelihood in the future, configure a space in which man, the third element considered in the project, lives, moves and interacts with water and vegetation.
This is the spatial architectural representation of Brazil’s identity and its future commitment.
With the power of simplicity, but at the same time of its representativeness, we will be able to stimulate the visitor through the use of light, scenic lighting, paths and interactivity.
The visitor will be attracted by the water cube in the desert and when entering, he will be virtually submerged. The play of reflections and lighting will accentuate this effect, creating a seductive scenario. The large fruit tree located in the center of the space will be visible from all points of the way and will accompany the visitor. In the first ascending part of the spiral ramp, Brazil’s “gift” and its enormous potential will be illustrated. In the descending part, the processes of “technological innovation” that can transform potential into a resource, without its impoverishment until the great final space in which Brazil’s “future” will be represented through augmented reality. Water, vegetation, man, technology, present and future are the imperative keys of this project that will be successful in deciphering the complex reality of Brazil’s future, making it accessible to all visitors through the combination of the spectacularization of a building with the habitability of its interior, through a clear, simple and exciting exhibition itinerary.