Behind the project, the idea that an established type, namely that of rural housing in the Po valley, can be studied and reworked in a contemporary way.

The rural housing in the Po valley was created as a building that was functional to agricultural activities, organized mainly in a block and characterized by three main parts: home, dead door and cottage, to be used as a stable or barn, joined in sequence along a longitudinal axis. The three elements always have roofings and, sometimes, completely independent structures that provide the building with a volumetric profile with significant movement of the masses. The dead door is the main element of connection between home and cottage and is at the center of all the functions. It is simultaneously a place of passage and rest, often with a trough, a functional element critical to  agricultural life. In this project too, the dead door becomes the distribution key of the entire building.

The central volume connects the double height living area , reworking of the traditional barn, and the sleeping area / service. The large windows contribute to involve the external landscape, the porch that overlooks the living room is a cahracterizing and characteristic feature, which is connected by analogy to the porch of country houses and projects the living area outside, becoming an extension during the summer months.


Scope of work
Design and construction management

Project Team
Pier Maria Giordani

Carlotta Caggiati

Modena, Italy


Status: Built