Xi’an is the famous ancient capital for six dynasties in China and the starting point of the Silk Road. In the narrow strip between the ancient city wall and the Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty, a group of landmarks will be built.
This group of buildings are shopping malls, theatre, galleries and apartments district. Obviously the most important landmark is the theatre.
The difficulty of project lies in how to create new buildings to be harmoniously integrated into the historical district and conform to the historical and cultural characteristics of Xi’an.
Inspired from the famous landscape paintings of Song Dynasty artist Mi Fu, we determined the volume of the theatre resembled the form of mountains. The mountains not only brings metaphors in appearance, but also the undulating roof can become public space of the city.
The lighting inside the theatre is layered through the glass, making the building humbly lying on the land of this great city.
According to the imagery of the theatre, shopping malls and apartments also echo it, creating a volume with undulating effect.