The architectural form of the new library is defined in relation to the surrounding landscape and aims to be a real “Landmark” building  within the University Campus of Heze. A body of water develops all around the building enhancing its function of “sculpture” building where the traditional

morphology of the library building  is denied in favor of a building with a dynamic future-oriented shape. The basement is fully glazed so the park “enters”  the building through the transparent walls of the ground floor to enhance the role of the building as a meeting place, a place to exchange and share  learning and knowledge.

Heze University

Scope of work
International tender

Heze, People’s Republic of China

Project Team
ReCS Architects (Chen Zhen  – capogruppo, Pier Maria Giordani, Than Zhu , Carlotta Caggiati), Ecrù architetti

Giulia Campanini