The project is focusing on the landscape as the main
character of the concept.

Viinikanlahti area is on a focal point where urban and nature are directly connected, reason why the main focus of the project is to give a green feeling into the city. The concept starts from a main axis that passes trough all the area, an ecologic corridor, 50m wide, which connects the Hatanpää area and Lidesjärvi lake.

On this axis are going to be intersected by two main green roads. Three buildings, a residential tower, the
touristic harbour and the school are the focal building on the main axis. The grid created by the ecologic corridor and the green streets defines all the residential blocks, designed as a courtyard system.

All the buildings are surrounded by green and nature in order to give to the habitants the feeling to live in a forest.

Scope of work
Planning Competition 

Tampere, Finland
Project Team
ReCS Architects (Chen Zhen, Pier Maria Giordani)