The representation of an idea: an essential building, where the signficance of each element identifies its raison d’être.

The building, located at the entrance of this new city, is designed in a flexible manner in order to be reused, once its function as a showroom by the city administration of Sao Goncalo do Amarante, whose district Croatà belongs to, is over. “The idea behind this project, which I later represented in the architecture, is that of an enclosed space between two lofts, as in recreating a covered square protected from the sun, a strongly public place in its conception” . The external face is “broken” by six visual telescopes (seven with the access to the showroom), highlighted by large windows projecting outwards, which offer privileged views of Croatà and appearing, from the inside, as many video screens showing videos of the city under construction.

In formulating and represent a personal idea – in this case “an essential building, built with only two architectural elements, the insole and the telescopes, where the meaning of each element identifies its raison d’être” – the designer takes on a great responsibility. Which is also a duty: “the architect obliges others to live in his/her art, as opposed to painters or sculptors, so he/she has to take responsibility for his/her actions …”.

SG Desenvolvimento – Planet Idea

Scope of work
Feasibility study, preliminary design, art direction

Croatà, Brazil



Project Team
ReCS Architects – Pier Maria Giordani

Giulia Campanini, Giulio Lusvardi