The Safa Towers project is born from the need to build two iconic towers in situation, such as Dubai, where the skyline is already full of unique and interesting designs. The complex take place in a context in which the towers are immersed  inside one of the most important parks in the city. The choice of the shape of the building is dictated by the commercial need aimed at satisfying the needs of the client who prefers small apartments, as opposed to the request by the master developer  to remain within an average size of the apartments not less than 80 square meters. For this purpose, the towers have been reserved for medium and small sized apartments while the bridge that joins the two towers host the large penthouses that can benefit from a series of facilities such as private swimming pools, hanging gardens and the view of the park and the sea. From a structural point of view, the towers are characterized by the junction point between the vertical construction and the bridge. The empty junction element in fact “splits” the profile of the tower leaving room for hanging gardens and a vertical greenery. This reference to the overlooking park characterizes the building and identifies its main character. Compared with the most important and representative buildings in Dubai such as the Emirates Towers, the Burj Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis or the Infinity Tower, it stands up to comparison and is a candidate for another icon in the skyline of the Emirate metropolis.

Client                                                                      Private

Scope of work
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Dubai, UAE


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ReCS Dubai – Pier Maria Giordani