The project Creek III tower is located in the Dubai
Creek area beside Al Khalil highway and in between two very
iconic towers named Binghatti and Aliyah and it is one of the
Azizi development’s properties. The project is a big tower
with 19 residential floors, 2 podiums including parking slots, a
ground floor including lobby, retail, and parking slots, and 1st
level of basement for parking. The tower is in a very significant
location, from the different directions on the roads the tower
is visible so the façade design of the project is very important.
We designed wavy-shaped balconies for the façade which is
inspired by the waves of the sea and at night the façade has
the moonlight self-illumination which makes the design more
impressive.The details of  the balconies with the self-illuminated
material (metacrilato) were so challenging because there was
no existing project on this scale with this material on the façade,
also the curved shape of the parapets makes the details more
complicated. Another design consideration in this project is
the height of the wavy parapets in a way that doesn’t block the
view of the residents and provides a good proportion for the
shape of the waves, aesthetic-wise. Finally, we came up with the
idea of having a 50 cm height of the opaque parapet from the
flooring of the balcony and 70cm of the glass. In this case, for
a person inside the apartment while sitting there is an infinite

Client                                                                          Azizi Developments

Scope of work
Facade Design

Dubai, UAE


Project Team
ReCS Dubai – Pier Maria Giordani