The project was elaborated by Recs UAE and concerns the realization of a concept design for a 4-star hotel in Dubai. This is one of the first projects carried out by the study in the Emirates and was an amazing opportunity to study and experiment the language of traditional Arab architecture, consisting of the particular design of the windows, the use of domes, diaphragms (moucharabieh) and all the linguistic equipment  necessary to develop a “classic” project. The façade is characterized by its plasticity, created by filled and void spaces and by the alternation of the projections of balconies and loggias, thus producing a very scenic impact of shades and chiaroscuro. The interface is divided into the classic tripartition: basement, noble floors and the attic and each of them is characterized by its own distinguishing sign.


Scope of work
Concept design

Project team
RECS Dubai – Pier Maria Giordani
RECS Italia – Mario Scaffardi
RECS Italia – Matteo Vecchi

Beatrice Ciacchella

Dubai, Uae