Built east of Malindi, about three kms from the river Sabaky and about a km from the famous golden beach of Malindi, in a beautiful residential area characterized by the presence of numerous typical villas with wood and straw roofs (makuti).

The company owner has commissioned this new project for a tourist complex that can hold one hundred small and medium-sized housing units, service buildings, a large reception building, restaurant, bar, spa, swimming pools and greenery.

The project has maintained the previous planimetry, creating a large central green space with a central swimming pool, a large building containing the lobby, reception, kitchen and restaurant at the entrance, and, in a semicircle, all the villas and the two buildings for apartments and suites. In this new design approach, the client has opted for an architecture that’s a little less African and more Arabic, with flat roofs and opting for the typical African makuti roof, only for the main reception building and the wellness small buildings.

Free Time l.t.d.

Scope of work
Definitive and executive project

Project team
RECS Italy – Mario Scaffardi

Malindi, Kenya