The project is to create the window of Belarus. This is the gateway of travel and communication for international elites. Here, people start to feel Belarus, and here, people have the last look back on Belarus before their return.
The Interior design project for the new private jet terminal of Minsk covers reception hall, lounge, bar, meeting room, toilet, roof floor corridor and VIP saloon.
We used contemporary design language to present the space with a relaxed and elegant quality.
The Interior design is characterized by the creation of a highly suggestive entrance hall. The scenography of the entrance wall, behind the reception, expands in its plasticity throughout the surrounding environment, creating a new and impressive result.
From the big staircase in the middle of the lobby, the brass balustrades extend to the division circle inside the lounge of above floor, bringing a unified character to the whole space and a hint of the metallic atmosphere of the aeronautical machine.
The large main hall is lit from above by a large globe built with brass profiles like the large spiral staircase in the center of the hall. Exactly perpendicular to the globe, the wind rose is drawn with marble and brass inlays on the floor.
In the meeting room, the surface of oval table is made by black mirror, reflecting the light of the bulbs scattered in the above, forming a changing and dynamic effect.
On the roof floor, getting out of the elevator, a glass corridor like skywalk surrounded by the beautiful landscape, leads to the VIP saloon, which with fireplace is characterized by a large window overlooking the landing strip.

The world is not safe.
The project started in 2018 and the definitive design were submitted in 2019. The construction site started while encountered the pandemic. The whole world came to a standstill. The aviation industry has been hit hard. People no longer travel. The world economy is in trouble.

The world is not peaceful.
Tensions in Europe have changed the peaceful environment. People look forward to the arrival of peace, to return to normal years as soon as possible, to work for the bright future and live happily.

The world needs to develop.
When the pandemic and war pass, international communications resume, and people are free to embark on inspiring journeys. The world needs development, and only with development can people live and work in peace and contentment, create a better environment, and live a better life.

Our project used contemporary language to express the image of the Belarusian people and country, the confidence and ambition to be in line with the whole worlds.
Our project has been complimented by many passengers over the past 15 months. They are elites who travel around the world, and their approval makes us proud. As architects, we know that the environments and spaces we create are important places to promote international communications and economic development. It is also our purpose, to “create a better life for people”.