The Recs Architects UAE architectural firm was established 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

Such an establishment arose from the intention the CEO had to interact with the most important international architectural landscape in the world in the city having undertaken the swiftest urban development in the world, Dubai. This city is currently a workshop featuring effective opportunities for experimentation, concerning both architectural languages and the theoretical approach towards expanding the city and its quality building.

There, Recs Architects carries out effective research activities in the field of urban construction and design, based on the activities of its founders, three of which hold a PhD they achieved at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano, a well-known University in Italy.

The structure Recs Architects established in Dubai is built so that it can manage commissions in their entirety and it is further subdivided into two departments. The Pre-concept and Concept design department can rely on architects of various nationalities, while the Structural, MEP and Supervision department employs more than 20 professionals. This firm effectively cooperates with all the other firms making up the Recs Architects network all over the world, relying on the consultancy provided by the other firms belonging to the Recs Architects network in Brazil, China and Italy in turn. Should it be needed, every firm belonging to the Recs Architects network can generate a workforce numbering more than one hundred.


The Dubai-based firm has its premises are in Business Bay, the central part of the city and deals with significant architectural interventions, such as towers, skyscrapers and masterplans. In 2017, Recs Architects UAE won a tender for Azizi Development, itself the builder of the year in Dubai in 2016, focusing on designing a new city area spanning 1.000.000 square meters. Two other 60-floor towers, one of which is to be built on Sheikh Zhaid Road, the main avenue in Dubai, have now reached the concept stage.
Furthermore, amongst other projects, our Dubai-based firm is currently designing one of the islands making up “The World”, the artificial archipelago facing Dubai.

Besides that, in 2018, Recs Architects had the honour to join an invite-only tender, involving three participants by Adnoc, the main UAE-based oil company, focused on revamping the campus of the company HQ in Abu Dhabi.