The Recs Architects Italia architectural firm was established in 2011, in Parma, Italy, together with its overall company.
Mr. Pier Maria Giordani, the Director of the Recs Architects firm in Parma and himself a Co-founder of the overall company firmly believes that: “We have great projects for our future and our passion and our commitment help us grow day after day; they fuel our firms and our activities, feature in everything we do and allow us to interact with the market through a significant degree of enthusiasm. We are able to question old solutions and love to tackle new challenges with courage and decisiveness in order to design projects being able to improve human living, always bearing in mind the fact that every building is a space to be turned into architecture, within the full coexistence of both the functional features and those elements characterizing the project”.


The premises of the firm Recs Architects established in Parma feature a space of nearly 200 square meters and employ about 18 professionals, including architects, civil engineers, thermal engineers, interior designers and visualizers, allowing us to manage commissions involving the construction of every kind of building, as well as to restore and design any kind of building, no matter their size.

Special care is taken in the interior design of both residential and commercial spaces as well.

In 2014 Recs Italia opened an office in Milan as well, following its need to carry out architectural works in the capital of Lombardy as well. Eight professionals work in such a structure, and all of them are architects and designers having achieved a specific specialization in visualization.

The Italian firm of Recs Architects, as every other firm within this network, carries out its own research in the field of architecture. In 2017, a document titled “Architettura e Imprenditoria” was published. Edited by Mr. Pier Maria Giordani, this publication illustrates a new methodological approach concerning those buildings needed to develop big undertakings.