The urban life of today and its complex needs require the study to have a group of professionals able in various fields: design, construction, transport, landscape and interior. Other multidisciplinary design teams guarantee the quality control of the project and its management.

The main study is Italian and for this reason we believe that public space is an important place to create a livable city and an easy human interaction. “Shaping the perfect space” is our belief: this extends from the urban public space to the architectural space and the interior space, to reach the final goal we pursue: “Creating a better life”.

The rapid development of China in recent years is a point of reference for the world economy and urban change. A proactive civilization maintains its only path of development in the era of globalization, we integrate the wisdom of the East and the West and solve the urban and architectural problems of China.

China’s urban development has moved from quantitative change to the pursuit of qualitative change, the emphasis on design is increasing day by day. The combination of experience in the field of urban regeneration in Italy and the national conditions of China are the optimal conditions for a successful project.


In Chengdu, a city in the southwestern part of China and a miracle in the last years of urban development in China, Recs has opened its representative office and from here we will act in the network of Europe, Middle East, Northwest and central part of the China, as well as in the Yangtze River Delta.

Professor Chen Zhen, partner of RECS Architects, is fully responsible for the Chengdu office. He is PhD at the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic and is currently a contract professor at the Milan Polytechnic and is also in charge of the RECS office in Milan. He often travels between Italy and China, promoting both Recs projects in China and government cooperation projects and corporate investment projects, and is happy to fill the various bilateral needs between China and Italy. He believes that China’s “One Belt, One Road” development strategy will deepen and deepen the economic and commercial ties between China and Italy, in order to better build a human community with a shared future.