The Recs Mazara studio was founded in 2019 in Mazara del Vallo with the aim of combining Italian design know-how with international development procedures.

The Director, Nino Montalbano, argues that all cities should rely on professionals like RECS to design urban development projects consistent with the needs and tools of the new era in which everything is fluid, fast, moving.

Individual projects arise from the whole projects. Architectural and the interior design projects cannot be separated from the context.

RECS constantly works on the project of detail without losing sight of the client’s objective which, in addition to the beauty and functionality of the spaces, could be the productivity of one’s own company, the development of energy from renewable sources, new spaces for social practices.


The Mazara studio, located in one of the most central and prestigious squares in the city, is the headquarters from which connections are branched with architects, engineers, interior designers and urban planners who work together and allow RECS Mazara to manage a project in all its phases maintaining a unitary design line.

RECS Mazara has acquired a knowledge background started in the 1990s with a research path of the best national and international companies, completed by a dense network of Sicilian artisans to guarantee the customer the uniqueness of the design.

Today the studio is in Mazara but it branches out on the territory intercepting, from time to time, the best professionals sewn for your project.