From September 10th to 13th, 2023, RECS Architects made waves at the Cityscape Riyadh exhibition, unveiling cutting-edge projects to an enthusiastic audience.

We showcased a variety of innovative designs, capturing attention with avant-garde skyscrapers and sustainable urban planning solutions. The exhibition was a vivid example of RECS Architects commitment to redefining the boundaries of architecture.

The success at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 was a collective achievement, thanks to the passionate team behind the scenes. Their creativity and dedication were instrumental in bringing our vision into the spotlight on this global stage.

The exhibition was not only an opportunity to showcase architectural talent but also a strategic venue to make new connections in the industry. The opportunities that emerged are a testament to the combined efforts of the team, paving the way for exciting collaborations and future projects.

We look to the future with gratitude for the connections made at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 and the enthusiasm to translate these opportunities into exciting projects. 

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