The work of Cond.Cassio is completed!

In the heart of Parma, Cassio residential building:

a mix of architecture and sustainability orchestrated through the transformative Superbonus 110%.

The exterior of the building has been a silent witness of past decades,

but now, Recs Architects has restored vitality to its facades.

Superbonus 110% takes center stage, not only as an incentive,

but as a beacon of possibilities, casting a light on once-forgotten structures.

The well-worn charm of 1960s architecture is now aligned with the pace of the modern city.

Imagine the streets of Parma as a canvas,

where architectural contrasts create a dialogue between past and present.

Cassio is an example of this: its renovated exterior with a fresh aesthetic,

but rooted in the memories of generations.

In this era of rapid urban evolution,

the renovation of external facades takes on a profound role.

The Cassio project by Recs Architects reminds us that architecture is not simply a construction,

but a vehicle through which cities tell their stories.

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