Wenzhou has shown strong economic vitality in the past 30 years, and its suburban villages are constantly facing the opportunity of urban renewal. This is an old urban village of more than 1,500 residents, for that the project is going to create 150,000m2 complex that includes 50,000 m2 of public buildings (shopping street, hotel, market, shopping malls, kindergarten) and 100,000 m2 residence.

Nowadays urban land is quite precious. The design regards the village as a vertical complex and actively introduces social engagement space. Several piazzas and rooftop open space connect daily activities such as commercial, culture, relax and exhibitions.

The design of the house also actively encourages vertical greening. The typology of apartment and construction materials create a modern living environment that is energy-saving and comfortable.


Scopo del lavoro

Wenzhou, China


Team di Progetto

ReCS China – Chen Zhen


écru – Giulio Viglioli