Last night was an extraordinary opportunity to address crucial issues for our city, Parma.

The interview with Architect Pier Maria Giordani and writer Tobias Jones, in the presence of Mayor Michele Guerra and Councilor Gianluca Borghi, shed light on fundamental topics for our future.

We discussed housing, urban shared spaces, social housing, and safety, reflecting on how to build a more inclusive and secure community for all.

👥 It was inspiring to see such a diverse audience, ranging from 19 to 60 years old, actively participating and asking insightful questions.

🌍 We also touched upon crucial subjects like climate and social change, promoting awareness of global issues that require local action.

This event has prompted us to reflect on how we can all contribute to creating a better and more supportive community. We will continue to work together to build a brighter future for Parma.

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