social media and architecture

From an architecture idea to storytelling on social media  

Every great project in our daily life starts with an idea, with a story that we would like to tell. We all have that tale that has to be told, the same goes when we are about to create our commissioned project

We start to create and think about what the narrative will be, what there will be behind our piece of work. But when it comes to marketing and social media, we need to swift our point of view and immerse ourselves in the people that will be part of our creation, our future architecture work.

Designing our creative masterpiece has to do with imagining how people will use the spaces given because it will be more than just space. Throughout movement and dynamicity, people will complete the story that you are going to build. 

The foundations of storytelling with social media

Imagination will bring you all the creativity necessary to get a better picture and a broader view of the project. The vision will help you shape what you are going to talk about during the conversations you will have, you are not only going to be part of the dialogue but you educate the listener, the reader, the observer, the person that is paying attention to your idea. 

Education about our project can be done in different manners, but for our digital world, we prefer to create beautiful images and resonant videos in order to communicate our ideas in a colourful way. Thus, social media is the perfect tool to converse with the community. For example, YouTube is the right platform to communicate with videos, that can be short or long (more than 20 minutes). 

We advise you to go and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

People online are there to engage with what is their favourite interests, watch and consume what they like and for these reasons we have to give content that feeds their hunger for knowledge. 

By creating visual content related to the project, you create support for your storytelling. As a matter of fact, the audience is hungry for information and is always looking for appealing content. Contributing with consistency you create your community that will be attached to the brand.

A community is formed by like-minded people, shaped around a way of thinking and the value offered. Communication is at his base, by educating with the creation of valuable content you gain exposure and engagement that can be used for spreading ideas and influence. 

Cultivating a community is the essence of social media marketing because everything rotates around it. People curious about something are going to ask their fellow and go to specific communities to expand their knowledge. So, it is fundamental for the growth of any Brand, especially for the Architecture firm like ReCS Architects International. 

Social Media in the Architecture world

Architects, engineers and designers can create stories throughout their projects in order to create a line of communication with future clients and to develop relationships. Answer questions and provide valuable information is the key to social sustainable growth. 

Social media today is part of our daily life and this has a huge impact on what we do and how we perceive things around us. Thus, we, as creators, can create our future works for the pleasure of the eyes and for better social engagement. Tools like Instagram, Pinterest are a must when comes for reaching new people and spread our ideas. 

These platforms are giving us so much and an easy way of telling our stories to the people that matter to us. Not being on the right platforms is a great loss of opportunities. 

Be at the right place at the right moment

How many times did you hear this sentence? This applies also for social media, especially in the architecture sphere. The following is a list of places where ReCS Architects is:

  • Instagram, is the right platform for visual photos, colourful and both complex and simple, and recently short videos;
  • Linkedin, a professional environment for business communications;
  • YouTube, for short and long videos;
  • Facebook, a more friendly interactive community;
  • Pinterest, a place to discover ideas.  

Concluding our article, we can say that nowadays is fundamental to be part of the conversations of our people, the ones interested in Architecture and design. Because it is so connected with our daily life, we need to be present and give value to who is following.