Life in Recs

People firste

Recs Architects strongly believes in the value of actions not limited exclusively to the economic sphere, but rather oriented towards an ethical and moral aspect that increase the intangible capital of society. For this reason, every day Recs works hard –  through the development and maintenance of standards of excellence – to create value for his associates, his collaborators and the community, in full respect of people.

Ideal environment: we design our work environments to make them as comfortable as possible;

Growth: we offer stimulating, professional and qualified growth opportunities;

Spirit of initiative: we stimulate people so that they can grow and emerge autonomously;

Group spirit: we encourage collaboration and the internal philosophy of “big family”;

We recognize the value of young people, we transmit and teach our knowledge;

We recognize the principle of meritocracy, the recognition of the value of each of our collaborators is a stimulus for individual growth;

We create extra-work events, because fun is also a fundamental variable;

We attend convention and create meetings, to grow and improve.

Because working in Recs means working in a big family.
Join us.