RECS Christmas Party

(Almost) Full squad reunion last night for our annual Christmas dinner! 🎄🥂
Good food and plenty of laughs.

🎅🏻 Wishing you all a joyful Christmas from the entire Recs team!


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Meeting with the Mayor - New School Campus in Gorizia

Architect Pier Maria Giordani and the Mayor of Gorizia, Rodolfo Ziberna came together to reveal the winning RECS project for the construction of Gorizia’s new school campus.

For us, this is an honor and we are proud to support initiatives for youth and education.

Let’s start 2024 with excitement for this fantastic initiative! 👏 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣ 💥


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RECS Merchandise Is Now Available Online!

Our online store is officially LIVE!
Discover the latest RECS fashion for both men and women, accessories, and more.
Start shopping now!

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Architect Giordani in collaboration with Roberto Ricci Design

Follow architect Pier Maria Giordani as he explores urban design in this new TV format coming soon!
Thanks to Roberto Ricci Design for dressing Pier Maria with elegance, from trousers to shirt to the lightweight jacket.
Style and architecture blend in every detail.

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Our Car Branded RECS

Did you ever spot us in the city? 👀
Here’s to our @fiat500 branded #RECS

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Common Home Parma

Last night was an extraordinary opportunity to address crucial issues for our city, Parma.

The interview with Architect Pier Maria Giordani and writer Tobias Jones, in the presence of Mayor Michele Guerra and Councilor Gianluca Borghi, shed light on fundamental topics for our future.

We discussed housing, urban shared spaces, social housing, and safety, reflecting on how to build a more inclusive and secure community for all.

👥 It was inspiring to see such a diverse audience, ranging from 19 to 60 years old, actively participating and asking insightful questions.

🌍 We also touched upon crucial subjects like climate and social change, promoting awareness of global issues that require local action.

This event has prompted us to reflect on how we can all contribute to creating a better and more supportive community. We will continue to work together to build a brighter future for Parma.

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Architect Pier Maria Giordani meets the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing in Saudi Arabia

We were honored to have a private meeting with Majid Al-Hogail, the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing in Saudi Arabia. Our chairman, Architect Giordani, presented his visionary philosophy on housing and master planning, which resonated perfectly with the Minister's vision.
As a gesture of appreciation, Architect Giordani gifted the Minister a copy of his latest book, "How to build the City of the Third Millennium."

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RECS Takes the Spotlight at Cityscape Riyadh 2023

From September 10th to 13th, 2023, RECS Architects made waves at the Cityscape Riyadh exhibition, unveiling cutting-edge projects to an enthusiastic audience.

We showcased a variety of innovative designs, capturing attention with avant-garde skyscrapers and sustainable urban planning solutions. The exhibition was a vivid example of RECS Architects commitment to redefining the boundaries of architecture.

The success at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 was a collective achievement, thanks to the passionate team behind the scenes. Their creativity and dedication were instrumental in bringing our vision into the spotlight on this global stage.

The exhibition was not only an opportunity to showcase architectural talent but also a strategic venue to make new connections in the industry. The opportunities that emerged are a testament to the combined efforts of the team, paving the way for exciting collaborations and future projects.

We look to the future with gratitude for the connections made at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 and the enthusiasm to translate these opportunities into exciting projects. 

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"Building the city of the third millennium: a city "type" to be replied globally for every social class"

Our Chairman, Architect Pier Maria Giordani, presents his new book! 

Now ready for purchase using the following link, available in both English and Italian. 


Through the analysis of the projects carried out in South America, Asia and Africa, Pier Maria Giordani demonstrates scientifically and farsightedly what is described theoretically in the first part of the book. The text is enhanced by unreleased illustrations, renderings and schemes by Recs Architects Studio.
“I am looking for an alternative to the thousands of identical houses, without social spaces, trying to imagine a city in which, despite the level of housing being highly economical, the quality of the spaces, the well-being of those who live there and the services offered are very high, much more than interventions aimed at the middle class and consisting of more expensive housing.
I believe that the real quality match is played an inch outside the threshold of the house: the district or the city can be similar for each social class, from the lowest to the highest, and be economically sustainable.
The value of the home, which can vary from a few thousand dollars to a few million, was not decisive in the trials.
The urban environment is more decisive in raising the level of quality of life than the single house, I am convinced that it is the infrastructure and the quality of the spaces that determine aggregation, sociality, safety, culture and in general that create a sense of community, while the house bases its value solely on the private aspect of the owner.
The challenge for the new millennium will be to give dignity to millions of families that are now living in intolerable conditions, but it will also be the occasion to change the features of entire districts, designed for the middle class, where the quality of the spaces outside the home is only linked to the presence of public green spaces, when there are any at all”.

RECS dedicates to the great campaign - SuperBonus 110

- RECS si dedica alla grande campagna - SuperBonus 110! Risparmia energia e mantieni la sostenibilità!
Costruiamo insieme un futuro migliore! Il cantiere del condominio di via Faelli (Parma) è in corso!


- RECS dedicates to the great campaign - SuperBonus 110! Save energy and Keep sustainable!
Let's build a better future together! The construction site of Condominium of Via faelli (Parma) is ongoing!


- A RECS dedica-se à grande campanha - SuperBonus 110! Economize energia e mantenha-se sustentável!
Vamos construir um futuro melhor juntos! O canteiro de obras do Condomínio Via faelli (Parma) está em andamento!


- RECS 大量参与意大利 SUPERBONUS 110 运动!节能、可持续发展!


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