A New TV Format Is Coming Soon

A brand-new television format featuring our Chairman,

Architect Pier Maria Giordani,

is currently in the editing phase,

and it’s all about architecture and urban design!

We can’t spill all the beans just yet...

so, stay tuned !!!

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Architect Pier Maria Giordani meets the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing in Saudi Arabia

We were honored to have a private meeting with Majid Al-Hogail, the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing in Saudi Arabia. Our chairman, Architect Giordani, presented his visionary philosophy on housing and master planning, which resonated perfectly with the Minister's vision.
As a gesture of appreciation, Architect Giordani gifted the Minister a copy of his latest book, "How to build the City of the Third Millennium."

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RECS Takes the Spotlight at Cityscape Riyadh 2023

From September 10th to 13th, 2023, RECS Architects made waves at the Cityscape Riyadh exhibition, unveiling cutting-edge projects to an enthusiastic audience.

We showcased a variety of innovative designs, capturing attention with avant-garde skyscrapers and sustainable urban planning solutions. The exhibition was a vivid example of RECS Architects commitment to redefining the boundaries of architecture.

The success at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 was a collective achievement, thanks to the passionate team behind the scenes. Their creativity and dedication were instrumental in bringing our vision into the spotlight on this global stage.

The exhibition was not only an opportunity to showcase architectural talent but also a strategic venue to make new connections in the industry. The opportunities that emerged are a testament to the combined efforts of the team, paving the way for exciting collaborations and future projects.

We look to the future with gratitude for the connections made at Cityscape Riyadh 2023 and the enthusiasm to translate these opportunities into exciting projects. 

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RECS will be in Cityscape Riyadh !

RECS will be in Cityscape Riyadh !

RECS ARCHITECTS is thrilled to announce our participation as exhibitors at the upcoming Cityscape Riyadh event, taking place from September 10th to 13th.

🗓️ Save the Date: September 10-13, 2023
📍 Visit us at Stand H2.T14
Join us for a remarkable journey into innovative architecture and urban design. Explore our visionary projects that shape the future of our cities.
We're excited to connect with fellow professionals, share insights, and exchange ideas that drive excellence in the industry.
Stay tuned as we count down the days to this inspiring event!
See you at Cityscape Riyadh! 🏗️

The work of Cond.Cassio is completed!

The work of Cond.Cassio is completed!

In the heart of Parma, Cassio residential building:

a mix of architecture and sustainability orchestrated through the transformative Superbonus 110%.

The exterior of the building has been a silent witness of past decades,

but now, Recs Architects has restored vitality to its facades.

Superbonus 110% takes center stage, not only as an incentive,

but as a beacon of possibilities, casting a light on once-forgotten structures.

The well-worn charm of 1960s architecture is now aligned with the pace of the modern city.

Imagine the streets of Parma as a canvas,

where architectural contrasts create a dialogue between past and present.

Cassio is an example of this: its renovated exterior with a fresh aesthetic,

but rooted in the memories of generations.

In this era of rapid urban evolution,

the renovation of external facades takes on a profound role.

The Cassio project by Recs Architects reminds us that architecture is not simply a construction,

but a vehicle through which cities tell their stories.

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RECS wins competition of a new school campus in Gorizia!

RECS wins competition of a new school campus in Gorizia!

Recs Architects wins competition for the construction of a new school campus in Gorizia in the area of ​​the former civil hospital in via Vittorio Veneto!

An example of urban regeneration that will also trigger a process of economic and social recovery.

The construction will last 56 months and will involve an investment of 16.5 million euros.

We can't wait to start the work!


check news: Gorizia: Amirante-Rosolen, campus è esempio virtuoso riqualificazione



Fantastic night! RECS TOGETHER!

Fantastic night!





Like every year, Recs is proud to be attending PERSPECTIVE EU!

One-of-a-kind International Architecture and Interior Design Forum!

See you in Venice Lido!

Janaina and Flavia visit RECS Italy!

Janaina and Flavia visit RECS Italy!

very glad to meet our Brasilian partners, arch. Janaína Massote and arch.Flávia Miranda in RECS Milan and Parma Offices!!!

most welcome!!!

cond.Astra is under construction

In this beautiful day,

in front of “Parco di Piazzale Lubiana”,

the cond.Astra is under construction towards "living in sustainability"!

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