The objective of the project is to redevelop the railway area of the Notarbartolo Station of Palermo, creating a new regional business center.

The old station, which follows the nineteenth-century model with a front on the road and a trench on the back, is covered by a system of multifunctional levels including an urban linear park at 4 meter and 3 hemispherical buildings in steel and glass for use as a business center and public space.

The project intervenes on the whole area of the old station and, through a system of stairways, connects the square, the railways and the entrances of the buildings placed in the various floors, creating a unitary system on severallevel shares.

Municipality of Palermo / Italy

Scope of work
Business Center project proposal for the Sicily Region

Palermo, Italy

Project Team
RECS Mazara, Arch. Urb. Nino Montalbano, Arch. Zeila Tesoriere, In-Fra Lab, Arch. Urb. Alessandra Brinch, Arch. Urb. Cristina Puglisi