The studies, analyzes and planning of the urban project of the technological park of Viçosa aim to serve a complex of companies, educational institutions, business incubators, research centers and laboratories that unite in favor of a common objective, generating urban quality and regional development.
TecnoPARQ (Technological Park of Viçosa) is one of CenTev’s units (Centro Tecnológico de Desenvolvimento Regional de Viçosa), which has a total area of 214 hectares, 174 hectares of environmental preservation and 40 hectares for urbanization, technological companies and Research, Development and Innovation Centers (R & D & I)).

TecnoPARQ is an innovative environment, in terms of its operation and structure, as well as the products, services and benefits offered to the business and academical community and society.

Federal University of  Viçosa

Scope of work
Proposal and planning of the urban project

Project team
RECS Brazil – AmandaGomes, Cristiano Castro, FlaviaCamelo,Vivian Araújo, Janaína Massote

Viçosa – Minas Gerais, Brazil