In the defined area of ​​Terragli, a short distance from the station square, architect Mario Scaffardi planned and directed the works of the complex located in the east, 14 stories, intended for shops, offices and apartments of over 4000 square meters in addition to the basement.

The project is substantially constituted by two tall towers in facing brick of 14 and 12 floors, characterized by two open galleries, cylindrical on the highest tower and of parallelepiped shape, inclined with respect to the main plane of the facade, on the lower tower.

The project described above represented the intervention guide for the second slot nearby, which together constitute a major emergence and a new benchmark not just functional but visual,  of the skyline of the urban fabric of Fidenza. The tower, more than forty meters tall, is developed and diversified in the height of the two main volumes that make it up and in the use of materials. Facing brick was used for the walls of the tower and shiny ivory white lime for the lodges.

Private Developer

Scope of work
Architectural design and construction management

Fidenza, Italy


Project Team
ReCS Italy – Mario Scaffardi, Adolfo Natalini

Status: Built