The small attic, the subject of restructuring, is located in the historic center of Parma, on the third floor of a building already in Smeraldi’s sixteenth century surveys.

The internal height of five meters, originally hidden by a false ceiling, has enabled the creation of a loft turned into the sleeping area with bed and wardrobe.

The oak beams and terracotta tiles, which make up the roof frame, were sandblasted and restored to their original appearance and color. The lower room was organized as a living area in which the great wall, full height, dominates the other elements and characterizes the internal composition. Plates of frosted glass characterize the parapet on the ​​double height area and are the main element in the entirely custom designed small kitchen.


Scopeof work
Design and construction management

RECS Italy – Pier Maria Giordani

Carlotta Caggiati

Parma, Italy


Status: Built