This is the restructuring of a penthouse in the center of Parma. The interior space is divided on two levels, with the bedroom in the attic. The staircase is barycentric with respect to the entire operation and is conceived as a true design object. It’s a work of particular value, especially from the constructive point of view, where the detail is treated with the utmost care. The effect is that of a very light structure that characterizes, for its curvilinear form and its sinuous course, the large living room where it is located. Here, as in other interventions, we wanted to show the contrast between the object and its background: placed on the white Carrara marble, the iron of the staircase emerges from the sea blue wall. The hall which gives access to the sleeping area is oval, with doors flush with the wall that follow its curve and that of the parapet. In the guest bathroom, not very deep, marble flooring ends in the bathtub, where its wall, of transparent glass, allows to highlight this characteristic, looking for a hoped expansion of the field of view.


Scope of work
Design and construction management

Project team
RECS Italia – Pier Maria Giordani

Francesca Abbati

Parma, Italy


Status: Built